Advice For The Older Sugar Babies

Advice For The Older Sugar Babies

It is an unfortunate reality that a lot of sugar daddies out there do not realize the potential of older sugar babies before they experience one of their own. This attitude might make it seem like it’s impossible to be successful as an older sugar baby, but here’s the truth when it comes to being an older sugar baby in a sea of young sugar babies: There is room for sugar babies of every age in the sugar daddy dating world. We’ll give you some tips for how to be successful as an older sugar baby! Advice For The Older Sugar Babies

Learn How To Promote Yourself

You are a hot, sexy older woman with confidence, experience, and a lot more to offer than the younger sugar babies out there. You need to be able to show potential sugar daddies that before they ever have time to dismiss you based on your age. The number one tool you have at your disposal is your profile photo. Make sure your profile photo is eye-catching and enticing—you need it to be enough to stop a sugar daddy in his tracks. Full body photos work best, either in a bright, tight, fun outfit that shows off your body and sings of youth, or a sexy, sultry boudoir photo that makes a potential sugar daddy think of your sexy side.
And remember: when you are crafting a sugar baby dating site profile, it will not be like any other dating site profile you have ever had. When a sugar baby is looking to date a sugar daddy, they are looking to make an exchange, not looking to fall in love. Don’t mention things like “what the future could hold” or that you are “open to the possibilities of wherever a sugar daddy relationship might go”. We all know that a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship can become something more, but the point is that that is not what a sugar daddy is looking for when we looks through your profile and all he is going to see is an older woman looking to find a man to settle down. Not cute. Not sexy.

Understand Search Basics

When a sugar daddy searches for a sugar baby online, they may be filtering profiles by a number of different settings. You shouldn’t lie on your profile, so you’re a little bit out of luck if he is filtering by age. However, if a sugar daddy is searching by keywords, here’s where you can work some magic. Say a sugar daddy is searching for profiles with the word “teen”. How can you make your profile show up in his search? Pepper the word “teen” into your profile! How about, “When I was a teen, I…”? Or maybe, “If I was a teen again, I…”? Maybe he’s looking for a word “student”. In that case you could add in, “I like to think of myself as a student of life.” Or perhaps, “I like to think about becoming a student again and studying…”. Think of keywords that sugar daddies might be searching for, and then work them into your profile so it will pop up on their searches and catch their eyes. Understand Search Basics

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