Do “Sugar Daddy” Titled Songs Do The Phrase Justice?

Do “Sugar Daddy” Titled Songs Do The Phrase Justice?

There are plenty of songs out there that have “Sugar Daddy” as their title. We want to know how accurately they are “Sugar Daddy” songs to assess. Check out our findings below:

“Sugar Daddy” – The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 version of “Sugar Daddy” has a young Michael Jackson singing of a tale of unrequited sugar daddy love. This “sugar daddy” is trying to win a girl with gifts and money…
“Ooh, brand new boots I bought ya. I’m gonna be your Sugar Daddy. Give you honey, all my money.”
…but she hasn’t committed to the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship and is just using him while she dates other men.
‘Cause you only come around me, just to pick up what you need. You just play on my emotions, with “please, please, pretty please”. He’s driving me nuts. While I’m giving you the candy, he’s gettin’ all your love.
Does this happen in real life? Not really. Sure, a rich guy can try to woo a girl with his wealth, but that’s not really a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. In a true sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship, both parties are interested in being with each other and are committed to the relationship. This song is just about a guy who thinks he can buy an uninterested girl’s love and a girl who sees an opportunity to make her life better financially. If you’re looking for a true sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship, then you have to make sure you’re looking in places where both parties are looking for the same thing and are ready to commit to this type of relationship, like sugar baby dating sites.

“Sugar Daddy” – Thompson Twins

'Sugar Daddy' - Thompson Twins The Thompson Twins version of “Sugar Daddy” starts out with a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship like any other, where a beautiful woman is dating an older man in exchange for money and gifts.
Well you’re all grown up and lookin’ good, been painting your face like a geisha would. I’ll buy you a dress and I’ll buy you a car. I might even buy you an electric guitar.
Where the song takes a turn, however, is when you realize that this sugar daddy is only in it for the sex and doesn’t care about his sugar baby otherwise.
Well, I know what you want and you know how to get it. Sugar Daddy gonna give you candy, but you gonna pay Sugar Daddy’s price. Don’t bother me with all your personal life, and when the fairy falls from the Christmas tree don’t ever think that you can run to me.
Well, we’re just going to straight up say it: what the eff?! A real sugar daddy would never treat his sugar baby like this! Any sugar daddy worth anything in life is totally interested in his sugar baby’s personal life. Why wouldn’t he be?! They are also exactly the kind of person that sugar babies should be able to run to when something goes wrong. If you ask us, the “sugar daddy” in this song just sounds like a sugar jerk!

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