How To Tell Your Friends And Family You’re A Sugar Baby

How To Tell Your Friends And Family You’re A Sugar Baby

Nobody says you have to tell your friends or family that you are a sugar baby, but if you choose to do so then we have some tips to make it easier for you. Many sugar babies choose to hide their sugar baby lifestyle from their family and friends because they feel ashamed, but veteran sugar babies will tell you that sugaring is nothing to be ashamed of. Being a sugar baby means you are taking control of your life and using what you have to get what you want—what’s so shameful about that, right? Still though, many families don’t like to hear that their daughter, or sister, or mother is a sugar baby.

Make Sure They Are Ready

Before you drop the sugar baby bomb on your family and friends, make sure you think they are ready to hear it. Try dropping subtle hints to see how they will react before you go straight to the real talk.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for all kinds of reactions from your family and friends. They may be mad or upset. They may say “Good for you!” They may have strong disapproval. They may have a lot of questions. They may not even care at all! Try to be understanding of any reaction they may have and not get defensive or dismissive if you come up against a negative one. Be Prepared

Lie Instead

If you get the feeling that you friends and family will be less than receptive about the news of your sugar baby lifestyle, you always have the option of telling a lie that will make them feel better. One of the better options is to tell them that your new boyfriend is rich. For this option, there isn’t a whole lot to lie about… you mostly just have to say “boyfriend” instead of “sugar daddy” and “girlfriend” instead of “sugar baby”. In truth, a sugar daddy isn’t much different than having a rich boyfriend! The only way this lie won’t pan out is if your family is the type to demand meeting him and having him over for family gatherings. Your sugar daddy is likely to get scared off if he thinks you are trying to rope him into settling down with you. Another lie you can offer is to say that you got a part-time job that you can do on your own time online. A good example of a job like this would be as an online customer service representative. You know how some online shopping sites have those chat windows where you can talk to someone who works for the company at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That’s where an online customer service representative would do. Another good example of a job like this would be as a freelance writer. You could say you write blogs for an online magazine and it can be about whatever subject you think would be believable for you to write about: fashion, beauty, entertainment, celebrities… the list goes on and on!

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