How To Spot Salt Daddies Online

How To Spot Salt Daddies Online

No one wants to have a salt daddy! Here, we will teach you how to spot salt daddies online so that you never make the mistake of meeting them offline! First, let’s quickly define what a salt daddy is for those of you that may not know. A salt daddy is basically the opposite of a sugar daddy. A salt daddy will pretend to be a generous sugar daddy in order to talk to, meet, and take advantage of girls on sugar baby dating sites. Basically, a salt daddy will try to convince you that he will do things that he never has any intention of actually doing. Salt daddies and sugar daddies can look almost identical at first, so keep these things in mind when you are looking to spot salt daddies online: How To Spot Salt Daddies Online

They Are All Talk And No Action

A sugar daddy can promise you thousands of dollars, expensive gifts, and trips around the world, but until you have those things in your possession, they are only words. If a potential sugar daddy’s promises seem too good to be true, then they probably are. Unless he can make his promises come to fruition, continue to be skeptical. One good way to test his willingness to be a good sugar daddy is to gauge how he reacts to your requests. Does he hesitate to send you money? Does he make excuses for not wanting to take you somewhere? Does he ask you for things but decline your requests for something in return? These are all signs of a salt daddy!

They Demand Sex or Get Intimate Too Soon

They Demand Sex or Get Intimate Too Soon One of the biggest red flags to be on the lookout for are potential sugar daddies that demand sex or dive right into intimacy. A sexual relationship with a sugar daddy builds over time, just like with any relationship, or can even be non-existent. If a sugar daddy is demanding a sexual relationship right away then they are probably looking to take advantage of someone before they realize that they have nothing to offer in exchange. The same goes for any act of intimacy. If a daddy starts off asking you for nude photos, you can sure that he is made of salt and not sugar.

They Set Off Your Bullshit Detector

Salt daddies target young women on sugar baby dating sites because they believe that their bullshit detectors aren’t as strong as the more experienced sugar babies out there. The fact of the matter is, women of all ages have pretty effective bullshit detectors built right into their guts. If your gut is telling you something seems off about a potential sugar daddy, then it probably is. Always trust your gut. If things just don’t seem to add up, if there are inconsistencies between their profile and what they tell you, or if it just doesn’t make sense, then it is probably bullshit.

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