Tips For Travelling With A Sugar Daddy

Tips For Travelling With A Sugar Daddy

Going on exotic and luxurious trips is one of the best benefits to having a sugar daddy. Make sure you are the best travel companion you can be for him!

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead Are you in school? Do you have a job? Do you have a pet or plants or anything in your house/condo/apartment that needs daily care? These are all things you need to consider before jet setting away with your favorite sugar daddy. If you are in school, make sure you let your teachers know and make sure you have all essential assignments handed in before you leave. If you have a job make sure to book off time for the days you will be gone on vacation. If you have anything that needs taking care of while you are away, make sure you arrange with a friend to pet and/or house sit for you.

Pack Accordingly

No sugar daddy likes a sugar baby who needs to bring eight suitcases with her on any trip. Try your best to pack accordingly, instead of packing for any situation that may arise and you will automatically find that you are packing much lighter. Know where you are travelling to (Is it a hot place? Is it a cold place?), what the weather will be like (Is it supposed to rain? Is there a heat wave?), and what activities you will be participating in (Will you be on the beach? Will you be walking a lot?). If you’re travelling to Cuba and the weather is supposed to be sunny all week, pack shorts, light shirts, and open shoes. If you’re travelling to Aspen and it’s supposed to snow all week, pack sweaters, jeans, and cute boots. If you’ll be on the beach all week, pack a few bathing suits! If you’ll be walking a lot, pack flats instead of heels! Don’t forget: if there is anything you decide not to bring that you end up needing, you sugar daddy is right there to help you out!

Less Shopping, More Exploring

Less Shopping, More Exploring It’s pretty much a given that your sugar daddy will take you shopping whenever you go on vacation together, but don’t let that be the only thing you do. The world is a wonderful and fascinating place! Go exploring! See the sights! Your sugar daddy will not soon forget how much fun he has with you compared to other sugar babies and will be sure to keep you around for a long time to come.

Have A Safety Net

Have A Safety Net Even if you believe your sugar daddy would never do anything to hurt you or get you in trouble, you never know how he might react if your relationship goes south during your trip. There are a few things you can do to set up a safety net for yourself, though. First, make sure you share your location with a friend or two using Google Maps or something similar. Second, make sure you have a round-trip ticket before you leave, so that no matter what you will at least be able to get home. Third, see if your sugar daddy is willing to put your hotel room in your name, just some some added assurance.

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