Tips For Managing Multiple Sugar Daddies

Tips For Managing Multiple Sugar Daddies

Are you thinking about having more than one sugar daddy? Before you do, you will need to learn how best to juggle them all so that you don’t lose any!

Worry About One Sugar Daddy At A Time

If you do not have a sugar daddy yet, then you should not even be thinking about having more sugar daddies. The real key to successfully managing multiple sugar daddy relationships is to worry about one relationship at a time. Find a one great sugar daddy for yourself before you seek out a second or third.

Seek Out Busy Sugar Daddies

Seek Out Busy Sugar Daddies Having relationships with busy sugar daddies is your best bet when you are trying to juggle several of them at once. Sugar daddies that live far away, sugar daddies that travel frequently, and sugar daddies who work a lot are your best bets when looking for the busiest types of sugar daddies. With sugar daddies like these, you may only be required to see them a few days out of every month, which leaves plenty of time to schedule in other sugar daddies.

Avoid Jealous And Clingy Daddies

When you start meeting new sugar daddies, you may come across some that are jealous or clingy. A jealous sugar daddy may demand that you have him as your only daddy, which is obviously not going to work if you are trying to have multiple sugar daddy relationships. A clingy sugar daddy is the kind of person who wants to keep tabs on you and will contact you 24/7 wanting to know what you are doing, where you are doing it, and who you are doing it with. Sugar daddies like that are not going to be useful when you are trying to have multiple sugar daddy relationships.

Buy A Planner—And Use It!

One of the worst sins you can commit as a sugar baby is to double book your sugar daddy dates. Go out and get yourself a day planner (or, better yet, get one of your sugar daddies to get you one) and keep track of all your sugar daddy dates. Think of sugar baby dating like your job—you need to be on time for all your meetings and cancel as little as possible in order for them to want to keep you around. Make sure all your sugar daddies are getting adequate amount of time with you and that you are leaving breathing room in your schedule for any curve balls that come your way. You want to keep yourself scheduled, but still appear as flexible as possible to your sugar daddies so that it seems like you would drop anything for them.

Make Your Sugar Daddies Feel Special

Even if your sugar daddies know that you have multiple sugar daddies, they should all feel like the only guy in the world when you are with them. Keep your phone on silent and don’t look at your text messages. Make sure you give your sugar daddies your full attention when you are with them.

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