What His First Date Choice Says About Him

What His First Date Choice Says About Him

Where did you potential sugar daddy take you for your first date? We’ll tell you what his choice can tell you about what kind of sugar daddy he will be.

A Fancy Restaurant

A Fancy Restaurant This is pretty par for the course when it comes to first dates with new sugar daddies. Although it can mean that your potential sugar daddy is unimaginative, it is more likely that he’s just not a super creative guy and likes to stick to the classics. The majority of good sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships start out as a first date in a fancy restaurant, so don’t sweat it. If nothing else, it does show your potential sugar daddy’s willingness to spend money on you as a potential sugar baby!

A Gala or Benefit

A Gala or Benefit If your first date with a potential sugar daddy is to a gala or benefit, you can be sure that your sugar daddy already has quite a bit of respect and trust for you. He is willing and excited to have you as his arm candy in front of what is surely a crowd of influential big wigs and important public figures.

A Cocktail Lounge or Club

A Cocktail Lounge or Club If your potential sugar daddy takes you to one of the city’s hot spot clubs or lounges, he’s testing the waters to see how well you will handle yourself in a loud situation where your main job is to look hot and be by his side for other local high rollers to see. It’s not the best place for getting to know each other, but you do get to have a taste of what he wants from you, which will help you decide if this is a relationship you want to pursue.

A Chain Restaurant, Cheap Diner, or Fast Food Joint

A Chain Restaurant, Cheap Diner, or Fast Food Joint If your potential sugar daddy takes you out for any kind of cheap eats, steer clear! This sugar daddy is likely one of two things: 1. A salt daddy pretending to be a sugar daddy. He can’t afford the expensive restaurants and will try to tell you that this cheaper place is secretly the best for some reason or another. His only goal is to receive sexual favors from you before he runs off to his next victim. 2. He is a cheap sugar daddy who wants to see how accepting you are of anything less than luxury. He can afford to take you out to the expensive restaurants but is choosing not to. Who wants that kind of sugar daddy?

Something Active

Something Active If your potential sugar daddy takes you out on an active date, consider yourself lucky! This potential sugar daddy is fun, adventurous, and already keen on getting to know as much as he can about you. He wants to see if he will be compatible with you. He wants to see how you handle new things. He wants to see whether you will take on new challenges or shy away from things you aren’t used to.

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