Stay Away From, Whatever You Do!

Stay Away From, Whatever You Do!

DateAMillionaire Is Nothing But A Scam is the biggest joke of a scam dating site that I’ve ever seen. I feel so stupid that I fell for their nonsense. I wish I never found it. Since I joined, I’ve had nothing but problems using the site, and the members aren’t anybody that I’d want to ever meet in real life. So many guys use fake profile pictures and they’re SO obviously from Google. If you want to try a sugar dating site, definitely don’t use this one. DateAMillionaire Is Nothing But A Scam

Joining The Sugar Dating Site

It was easy to join because it took me maybe 10 minutes all together. This includes taking a couple of new pictures – just a couple of candid selfies. Once I uploaded those and filled in the information on my profile, I was done. I couldn’t figure out where to go next though because the site is SO cluttered. There are so many ads and banners that I wasn’t sure what was a real link button and what was just an ad. I eventually found the link to browse the actual members, but that could’ve been made a lot easier than it was.

What Happened After

I tried for 3 months to meet a sugar daddy on this site, and I didn’t even meet one real one. I messaged some men, and received a lot of messages but I think, maybe 10% of them were actually from real members. The rest were scammers, perverts, or bots. I can’t even explain why I stayed on the site for as long as I did except to say that I really wanted to find a sugar daddy. I eventually realized this wasn’t the place to do it.
  • 486 messages received
  • 301 messages sent
  • 100 replies
  • No dates
  • No sugar

Needs To Change

This site is terrible and needs to change in many different ways – way too many to name on one page. The two things that I noticed that were probably the worst things about it were:
  • Fake Profiles: People on staff in other countries are clearly manning these profiles. They won’t video chat, their messages don’t make sense, and the English is very broken. The members that are on the site are terrible quality, and definitely not sugar daddies. They don’t even qualify as Splenda daddies.
  • Poorly Designed: The site looks like crap. There’s no structure whatsoever to how it’s laid out, and it’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for on any given page.
  • Ads: The number of ads on the site is seriously ridiculous. Talk about wanting ad revenue. All pages on the site are literally FULL of ads just all over the place. They aren’t put in an area that would make sense, or would be convenient for people to still use the site when the ad comes up. They’re scattered all over every page and it’s honestly the worst. I was so annoyed every time I logged on.

Final Verdict

Read reviews on dating sites before you commit to one. More than anything, I wish I had saved myself the trouble of using by reading up on which ones were actually real. But I didn’t, so I ended up on a site that was nothing but a scam and a waste of time. I don’t know how they can call themselves a sugar daddy dating site when they have no legit sugar daddies to been seen at all. The closest I came to one on here was briefly chatting to a Splenda daddy, who quickly turned into a Salt daddy during our conversation. Definitely not what I signed up for. Don’t let me discourage you from sugar daddy dating, I’m just trying to encourage you wannabe sugar babies to do your research and use a proven good site to do it.