Don’t Waste Your Time On MillionaireForMe: Stay Away

Don’t Waste Your Time On MillionaireForMe: Stay Away

Steer Clear Of For Meeting Sugar Daddies

MillionaireForMe is full of men who want to be rich but aren’t, and are looking for prostitutes. They assume that the women on the site are all hookers. It actually took a little while until that part sunk in – I didn’t realize at first why I was getting some of the messages I was getting, until I started doing my research three months in. I probably could have saved myself a ton of time and shit if I had done this to begin with. Steer Clear Of For Meeting Sugar Daddies

Joining The Sugar Dating Site

Signing up was no issue, there wasn’t any lengthy process to become a member. They just wanted to know your basic demographic info and a few photos to create your profile. But from there, you’re on your own. The site has nothing in place to help its members use the site any easier, or make any matches. This site doesn’t match members, just so you know, you have to do all the work. The site doesn’t make this easy, which I discovered when I started actually looking around the site.

What Happened After

I got tons of messages from guys asking me for sexual favors, which I later realized is because this is a site frequented by prostitutes. They claim to have a “no escort” policy, but they don’t enforce that or have any way of checking whether or not you are. So a lot of the women actually are on this site to look for men to pay them for sex. Not sugar babies, so I was clearly in the wrong place.
  • 507 messages received
  • 222 messages sent
  • 2 chats
  • No dates
  • No sugar daddy

Needs To Change

There were quite a few things that need to be changed on the site to make it a good one, but the ones that come to mind the clearest and basically ones that make the site not hypocritical, or flat-out false. Like saying the members are millionaires, or there are no prostitutes allowed.
  • Not Real Millionaires: There are no millionaires on this site. There are lots of men who want to be millionaires, and live like them, but there’s no way that they really are. There’s also no real way to tell unless you talk to them, so you have to be really good at reading people and reading between the lines of what they say.
  • Bad Messaging: The messaging feature almost never worked. It would either not let you ever send your message, but it wouldn’t send them properly either. I kept getting error messages or the page would just refresh. It was incredibly frustrating.
  • Prostitute Profiles: I guess this is a known site for prostitutes to use to get “Johns”, so I kept getting messages from guys looking for that. Pretty annoying to be fielding off those messages, and jarring to even see them. Some of the things that men apparently say to women who work in sex is pretty awful.

Final Verdict

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what the real deal is with this site, but once I did, I was outta there! I should have read reviews on sites like this before I signed up, which is what I recommend that any aspiring sugar babies do. Don’t just sign up to a site because it says it has millionaires and sugar babies (like me), take the extra time to read a review on the site you’re looking at first. If you see a red flag, leave! There are too many legit sugar daddy dating out there to waste all of your time on these scam ones. I wish someone had told me this before 3 months before I joined this scam and wasted so much time, but that’s life.