MissTravel.com Is A Scam: How I Know That This Is True

MissTravel.com Is A Scam: How I Know That This Is True

MissTravel.com Is A Scam Site To Avoid

I joined MissTravel because I¬†wanted to travel and broaden my personal horizons, but I’m now put off from ever wanting to use the internet for it again. It was awful. The men are either rude and disgusting toward the women, or the profiles aren’t even real and are manned by robots or something. The customer service is something to be desired, and there’s literally nothing in place on the site to help members connect and meet each other. Such a poorly made dating site. I’ll never fall for something like this ever again. MissTravel.com Is A Scam Site To Avoid

Joining The Sugar Dating Site

The initial sign up was simple enough. They had me fill in questions about where I was hoping to travel to, why I wanted to travel and meet sugar daddies, where I live, how old I am, blah blah blah. After the questionnaire portion, I uploaded a few pictures to entice future potential sugar daddies. They had a weird confirmation process that I’m not really sure what the point of it was – they sent a verification email to me to follow a link, but I really don’t know why that’s necessary. Looking back, it seems like false sense of security, because they definitely don’t verify their members in any way.

What Happened After

I was scammed! Well, I would have been, and possibly worse, if I’d actually gone through with my plans and travelled to any of the guys who contacted me. I fully believe that I was being primed or scouted – whatever they call it – to have me come to Europe and made to do unwholesome things that would be extremely unsafe for me. I’ve seen Taken, so I know what could’ve happened, and I thank God that I was smart enough to see through the bullshit.
  • 420 messages incoming
  • 125 messages outgoing
  • 0 dates
  • 0 sugar daddies

Needs To Change

They need to overhaul entirely or just go away, because there’s not just one thing about the site that needs to be improved on. The whole things needs to be better. The 3 things that I noticed more than anything else though:
  • No Verification Process: They don’t check their members at all to make sure they’re legit, or that sugar babies will be safe. It became clear pretty fast that anyone can join the site to find women, and the site doesn’t care as long as they get their money. Not safe at all for sugar baby members.
  • No Suggested Matches: There were no auto or suggested matches that I’d seen on other sites before. It was up to you to browse the whole site looking for a good match.
  • Bad Customer Service: If you have an issue, you will not get resolution by contacting customer service. They take forever to get back to you, they’re rude, and they are simply not helpful.

Final Verdict

I’d never recommend MissTravel.com to anyone. Especially young women looking to travel and get some life experience. Make sure you check which sites are legit, and which ones to avoid at all costs – like this one. MissTravel is a totally unsafe scam of a site that claims to be for sugar baby travel and dating. It’s for predators to meet hot young women and take advantage of their desires to travel and learn. I’ve read so many horrible reviews of this site since I left, and I really wish I’d taken the time to do that before I joined. I wasted 3 months on the site trying to meet a sugar daddy, so no one can say I don’t have patience. It turned out to be an interesting social experiment, sort of, so I guess that’s one partial positive, but this was just an awful experience.