Why I’ll Always Use PayForOurDates To Find Sugar Daddies

Why I’ll Always Use PayForOurDates To Find Sugar Daddies

Why I’ll Always Go Back To PayForOurDates.com

PayForOurDates.com is the best online dating site for sugar daddy dating that I’ve ever used. I’ve been on enough of these sites to compare, and it’s tops. They have more features than the other ones I’ve seen before, and quality of the members is what blew my mind the most. PayForOurDates legitimately has the best sugar daddies; they’re perfect gentlemen and actual, certified wealthy men. They know how to talk to a woman and treat her with respect too. These are some of the many reasons why I would suggest you start your sugar daddy dating journey on PayForOurDates.com. Why I'll Always Go Back To PayForOurDates.com

Joining The Sugar Dating Site

Signing up on PayForOurDates.com was really easy, it didn’t take me too long. It was all pretty standard stuff as far as the questions and what was required to get started. Make a profile, fill in a bit of information about yourself and why you want a sugar daddy, then upload some photos. After that, I was free to what kind of sugar daddies were on the site. I was pretty pleasantly surprised even in the first few minutes of browsing.

What Happened After

I was on the site for roughly 3 months, I had an incredible time during those months. I went on a few of the best dates that I’ve ever had in my life, and met some amazing men in the process. I got a lot of messages, and I responded to the ones I found most interesting. But honestly, I ended up replying to a lot of guys, because I got so many messages from men that I would be actually be interested in. There were just so many that I had to start being really selective. I went on dates with 4 different sugar daddies in those 3 months, but I found the perfect one for me after date #4. We’re a perfect sugar match, and we’re still together now.
  • 678 messages received
  • 344 messages sent and replied to
  • 4 decent dates
  • 1 AMAZING date
  • 1 perfect sugar daddy
What Happened After

Successful Approaches

I think you get what you put into it when it comes to sugar dating sites, so some of the outcome potential is on our end as sugar babies. The things that I went into my time on the site doing or keeping in mind were:
  • Use Humor: Don’t take yourself or the site too seriously. Don’t be afraid to make jokes. Sugar daddies are men, and men like to laugh! But always make sure that you read the situation too. If he doesn’t seem too funny or that he’d be into a funny sugar baby, then maybe tone it down for him. On the other hand, if having humor in your sugar relationship is important to you, then use this tactic as a way to filter out the unfunny sugar daddies.
  • Be Open: Go into the experience with an open mind. You never know what you’re going to see and learn, and you most definitely will learn new things about yourself, about life, about men – everything!

What’s Good

The features on PayForOurDates.com were some of the best and most helpful ones I’ve seen yet.
  • Favorites List: You can select your favorite profiles and they’ll go onto a list, making it so much easier to find those sugar daddy profiles when you want to go back to them. Not every sugar daddy dating site has this, but I’ve found that it’s a super helpful way to keep track of the sugar daddies that you have an interest in.
  • Suggested Matches: There are so many members on this site, so it’s really helpful that the site will suggest matches to you based on your profile preferences. They’ll match you with sugar daddies that they think would be compatible based on the information that you put in your profile, and the questions you answered when you joined.
  • Private Chats: I liked this, because you can chat before giving out any personal information like phone number or email. You have the chance to chat with a guy on the site before you go off-site, which I thought was a really good safety tool for us sugar babies.

Tips And Tricks

There are no special “tricks” to use to get yourself a sugar daddy, but these are things that I did that I think helped me in doing that:
  • Use The Features: When you’re using a sugar dating site, or any dating site for that matter, it really is in your best interest to use the features that they offer. They offer them for a reason and it’s because they’re helpful! These things are in place to help you meet your match, and it increasing your chances of doing that if you use them.
  • Upgrade Membership: This doesn’t necessarily apply to women on the site because it’s free, but if you’re asked to, then I’d recommend upgrading your membership to premium. You have access to so many more features and areas of the site that you can’t get if you have the free or simple membership option.

Needs To Change:

I was overwhelmingly happy with the site, but there were a few issues that I ran into when I was using it:
  • GPS Locator: Sometimes the GPS locator that the site uses to match it’s members was a bit off. I matched a few times with men who were way too far away from me, and it didn’t necessarily listen to my location preference settings. This wasn’t always the case though, and it was resolved most of the time without any problems.
  • Ads There were quite a few ads on the site which I thought was unnecessary. Some of the ads were for the site itself, which I didn’t see the point of, because they’re advertising to people who are already members. They weren’t overly intrusive ads though, and no pop-ups, so it was manageable.

Final Verdict

I would strongly recommend that any sugar babies looking for a potential sugar daddy do it on PayForOurDates.com. It’s one of the best dating site I’ve ever used, and I’ve been using dating sites to meet sugar daddies for a few years now. This one is hands-down my new go-to. The members alone are reason to use the site over any other, because they’re just so great and legit! I would never have met my current sugar daddy – who is also my best one yet – if I hadn’t used PayForOurDates. Sure, I would’ve met a sugar daddy somewhere else, but he wouldn’t have been the perfect match for me, which is what counts.