Why I Wish That I Had Never Joined SugarDaddyToday.com

Why I Wish That I Had Never Joined SugarDaddyToday.com

Why I’d Say Not To Use SugarDaddyToday.com

Being on SugarDaddyToday.com was a terrible experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I have nothing positive to say about my time on the site. It was bad. I never thought that online dating could truly be as bad as the horror stories you hear, but this sugar dating site definitely takes the cake on that. I’m appalled that a site like this, that is so clearly a scam once you get access to the site itself, is even allowed to operate. Whoever made it should be ashamed. Why I'd Say Not To Use SugarDaddyToday.com

Joining The Sugar Dating Site

Signing up was easy. The typical stuff required about where I am, pictures, why I’m a sugar baby and all that. What I didn’t expect was that my photos would be shared via the site to promote it. They have a clause, in the tiniest possible print, that once you sign up, you give them permission to use your photos and information in site advertisements. Um, what? Isn’t that illegal? Needless to say, this happened to me, and my life on the site became hell because of it.

What Happened After

I was absolutely inundated with emails from guys on the site. They all mention that they saw my photo in the site ads and that was why they joined. Right away I wasn’t able to meet a proper sugar and any normal way, because they put my photo on this pedestal to promote their stupid site. My face was plastered all over the internet associated with this site, and not one normal and legit sugar daddy has actually contacted me. I’m looking into legal action against them for this, because it’s impacted my work life being so publicly associated to the site. It looks like I work for them, and I don’t. I just made the mistake of signing up for a scam.
  • 524 messages received
  • 289 messages sent
  • 1 cancelled date
  • 1 potential stalker
  • No sugar daddy

Needs To Change

Like I said, I don’t have one good thing to say about the site, and I don’t think it should even be in business still. They’re so slimy about how they do things, I just hate it. It was the worst. Aside from using sugar baby member photos and information for ads, the site has other things about it that were terrible.
  • No Features: There are no features on the site to help members connect, or to make their time on the site any easier. Features are something most dating sites have, the good ones anyway, so I was suspect right away when I saw that. What kind of dating site decides against features? It made no sense to me.
  • No Way To Communicate: With no features comes no messaging, and with no messaging, the only way members can talk to each other is through email or giving out their personal phone numbers. What’s the point in using the site then?
  • No Privacy: You have zero privacy on this site. There’s no way to block your information from other users, and then basically have you sign your privacy right away when you join so they can use your things to promote their site.

Final Verdict

Don’t do what I did and blindly join a sugar daddy dating site. Seek out some dating site reviews so that you can be sure the site you’re signing up to is legitimate, fair, and legal in how they do things. It’s a totally slimy site run by what can only be described as despicable people who have no regard for people’s privacy. They aren’t invested in actually connecting members with sugar dating, they just want to get more members at their insanely low membership. FYI, it’s low because the site sucks and has literally nothing to offer its members.