Step 9: How To Be A Good Sugar Baby To Your Sugar Daddy

Step 9: How To Be A Good Sugar Baby To Your Sugar Daddy

Whether you’re a sugar baby who wants to know what to do, or a sugar daddy who thinks his sugar baby could brush up on her skills, we have some insight into sugar daddy dating. You no longer have to wonder if you’re doing the right thing after you’ve read our tips – we tell you exactly what it takes and how to be a good sugar baby. Sugar daddies can get an inside look at what sugar babies are supposed to do, and sugar babies can confirm that they had it right all along. These are the top 5 things that sugar babies need to keep in mind, coming from a sugar daddy.

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #1: Be Attentive

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #1: Be Attentive This doesn’t mean being a helicopter girl and hovering over your sugar daddy at all times, but be aware of his needs while you’re together. Never make your sugar daddy feel second rate or neglected of your attentions – he should be the focus! When you’re with your sugar daddy, he should be your primary concern. It’s perfectly ok to mingle and mix with guests when you’re at a party, but check-in with your sugar daddy every now and then; make sure he’s got what he needs and is having a good time. When you two are out for dinner or something where it’s just the two of you, never check out other guys or solicit their attention. This is rude and very disrespectful to the man you’re with. He’s doting on you and taking care of give you what you need and want, so make the effort to do the same for him. You both want to benefit from the relationship, and have the best possible experience while you’re doing it. You expect him to pay attention to you, so do the same for him.

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #2: Look Great

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #2: Look Great As a sugar baby, you really should look the best you can when you’re with your sugar daddy. Remember that this isn’t your typical relationship – there’s are different expectations here than with a traditional boyfriend. Part of your role is to be enviable eye-candy for your sugar daddy to show off, so it’s especially important that you look your best when you two are out and about in public. You’re a young and attractive young woman, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t want to flaunt what you have anyway! Take some extra time in the morning to do your hair and makeup, pick out a killer outfit, and you’re on your way. Your sugar daddy will always appreciate this.

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #3: Have A Plan

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #3: Have A Plan Plan for your future, because sugar daddy arrangements don’t last forever. These types of dating situations are short term, as everyone going into them knows and expects, so it’s smart to have an idea what comes after for you. Save up parts of your allowance, or whatever money you’re getting from your sugar daddy, so that you have a nest-egg for when you’re “single” again. Sugar daddies are more than happy to help you plan your future so if you want help with your budgeting and planning, just ask him! He obviously already know how to manage money – there’s a reason he’s wealthy. Know what you want to do and get an idea of how much money you need to do it, then go from there. A good sugar baby knows how to plan for her independence as well as provide other kinds of support to her sugar daddy.

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #4: Be Proactive

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #4: Be Proactive Being surprised and getting gifts from your sugar daddy is great, but getting what you want out of the arrangement is key too. Don’t expect your sugar daddy to read your mind and just know what you want at any given time. Tell him and make sure you get what it is you want! If you’ve been wanting to visit Paris, tell him and he’ll make it happen. Being proactive about what you want and getting the things you need is a huge turn-on for any guy, but it also shows your sugar daddy that you’re a go-getter who will be just fine after your relationship has come to it’s natural end. Don’t let your wants and desires fall by the wayside, fill your sugar daddy in and make it happen! You’ll be that much happier that you made sure to get what you need and what you want in the long run, trust us.

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #5: Communicate

How To Be A Good Sugar Baby #5: Communicate Never expect your sugar daddy to know what you’re thinking. This isn’t fair for anyone – they¬†aren’t mind readers and if there’s something you want or need, then as an adult, they¬†expect you to communicate that to them. This is true of any relationship so this is something to definitely keep in mind in future relationships. Aside from that aspect of communication, a simple conversation is essential as well. Knowing how to be a good sugar baby involves being able to carry and hold an interesting conversation and actually be able to talk with your sugar daddy. Sitting in silence is awkward at the best of times, so if you and your sugar daddy have nothing to talk about, it’s not a great situation!

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