Step 5: How To Determine What Your Allowance Should Be

Step 5: How To Determine What Your Allowance Should Be

Your sugar baby allowance is an important factor in your arrangement, but how much should it be? We’ve got a breakdown of things to consider when deciding. It comes down to more than just how much you want. You have to make sure that your needs are covered as well, so you have to think about a variety of factors before you and your sugar daddy come up with an ultimate amount. Talk about these things with your sugar daddy as well, so you two can come up with the number together. Step 5: How To Determine What Your Allowance Should Be


One very important factor in determining a sugar baby allowance is how often it’ll be given. Is your sugar daddy going to give your the allowance monthly? Weekly? You need to know how often the allowance would be coming, and see if that’s going to be enough. If you have payments that you need to make every week, then that counts. If you just simply want to make sure you’ll always have money in the bank so you want it to be more frequent, then consider that too. Discuss it all with your sugar daddy, because it has to work for him also. Figure out how frequently you would need, or want, to have this money and go from there.


Do you pay rent? Have car payments? Bills? Chances are you do, so make a list of all of the things that you need to pay. These are the essentials, the things that have to be paid before anything else. You can’t live at your place if you can’t pay the rent, so factor this in to your sugar baby allowance amount. This is something you always need money for, so if you pay rent, make that number one to be taken care of. Next is your bills. You have a cell phone, and if you’re renting a place you probably also have hydro and internet bills to pay. These are other essentials that need to be accounted for. A sugar baby allowance isn’t just about buying nice things – it’s a big part, but not the only part. You have to be sure that you have a roof over your head and that these things are paid for before you can fully enjoy and appreciate all of the other perks. Frequency


Do you have an income of any kind? Are you looking for a supplemental situation or do you need full income from your sugar baby allowance? There’s nothing wrong with having a job and being a sugar baby, but this will come into play when determining your sugar baby allowance amount. If you’re making money of your own, you simply might not need as much as if you weren’t. However, if you want to be getting extra in your sugar baby allowance, then just talk to your sugar daddy about it. He’s generous and has money to spare so it won’t be an issue – he just needs to know. He can’t provide you with an adequate amount, if he doesn’t know these details.


Do you have expensive taste? Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Of course you do, that’s one reason you want to be a sugar baby! Make sure you share your desires with your sugar daddy so that he can get an idea of the things you might buy yourself when he’s not around. Be sure that you’ll have enough to go shopping, go for lunch, and get a manicure in the same day. If you can’t do all of those things in one go with your sugar baby allowance, you might not be getting enough. You should be able to buy yourself whatever you want with your sugar baby allowance, so if you feel like you need more, then talk to your sugar daddy. If you haven’t yet, then factor in everything on this list and go back to him with what you need. Once he sees that he isn’t providing you with enough money to get what you want, then he’ll likely reconsider and add more to your sugar baby allowance. Wants


Do you own any pets? Require any medications? These are additional details that require money, that can be factored into your sugar baby allowance amount. You need to be able to feed your pets and provide for them too, so your sugar baby allowance can most definitely help with that. Think of anything that doesn’t fall into the other categories that would require money and include it here. If you have a car, then gas money is another thing you need money for. If you don’t have a car, then transit and travel needs funding so that you can get around. Your sugar daddy will send a car to collect you for a date if you don’t have one, but you still need to be able to get around and do things when he’s not there. Think of anything you might want extra money for, and tell your sugar daddy. This could even be leisure things like going out for drinks with the girls, or recreational drugs. Anything that could be considered entertainment would also fall into this category, and also requires supplemented funding. Don’t negate your need to have fun when you’re not with your sugar daddy. Make sure that your sugar baby allowance reflects that.

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