Step 10: Final Sugar Baby Tips To Keep Your Sugar Daddy Happy

Step 10: Final Sugar Baby Tips To Keep Your Sugar Daddy Happy

You want to keep your sugar daddy as happy as possible, so we have 5 more sugar baby tips to help you do that! From what you wear, to how you act and your attitude about your sugar daddy arrangement, it’s important not to get too carried away. These sugar baby tips are the most practical ones out there because we have your back in your sugar daddy journey. Keep these tips in mind and he’ll be thrilled. None of them are complicated, and most of them are probably common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure that you’re doing all the right things!

Sugar Baby Tip #1: Loyalty

Sugar Baby Tip #1: Loyalty Ladies, as sugar daddy doesn’t want to see you off with other sugar daddies around town. It’s important to keep a dialogue open so that you can both establish the ground rules in your arrangement. Sugar daddies are pursued by other sugar babies all the time, so as far as sugar baby tips go, this is a key one. You need to talk about it. You can’t have an expectation like this without it being addressed, because that’s setting you both up for disappointment. If loyalty is an important thing to you as a sugar baby, then make sure to let your sugar daddy know this. This goes both ways too. Don’t pursue other sugar daddies while you’re with your current one – it’s just plain rude. Unless he’s explicitly said to you that this is something he has no issue with, you should avoid doing it at all costs. Getting yourself a reputation as a disloyal sugar baby won’t do well for your sugar baby future, so keep yourself in check and stick to one at a time, unless otherwise discussed.

Sugar Baby Tip #2: Sex Matters

Sugar Baby Tip #2: Sex Matters Sugar babies listen up: not every sugar daddy expects or wants sex from you, but some of them do. If you’re in a sugar daddy relationship and you’re sugar daddy wants sex, you need to assess if you’re willing to do that or not. If not, then get out quick because he’s going to find someone else who fits his lifestyle and his needs. Sugar daddies don’t want to waste their time with a sugar baby who doesn’t want the same things as them, and this includes sex. If she isn’t interested in getting down and dirty, but he wants that, then that’s not a compatible sugar baby. Fine a new one. This is one of the more important sugar baby tips because it can cause quick rifts in otherwise successful sugar daddy relationship if it isn’t addressed. This is something that you need to discuss with your sugar daddy on one of the first dates, before you get too invested and give him too much of anything.

Sugar Baby Tip #3: Don’t Get Greedy

Sugar Baby Tip #3: Don't Get Greedy Sugar daddies love to share the wealth with their sugar babies, but there’s fine line between appreciation and greed. Never foray into the latter – always be grateful and thankful for what your sugar daddy gives you. Don’t take him or the things he does for you for granted, or he’ll find someone else who appreciates it. If your sugar daddy feels that his sugar baby is getting a little bit too comfortable and he’s feeling taken for granted, he might just call it quits and not want to bother anymore. You two are in a mutual arrangement so don’t take advantage or ask for too much. Just don’t do it. Be appreciative of the gifts and experiences that you’ve been given, because realistically, you’d never have the chance to do or see those things without your sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby Tip #4: Accommodate

Sugar Baby Tip #4: Accommodate We can’t stress enough how much this can be overlooked. While it may seem obvious that a sugar baby does the things that her sugar daddy likes, this isn’t always the case. If he says he likes stilettos, you should get a pair of stilettos to wear when you’re with him. This can be anything from the kind of food he likes, hairstyles, sex positions – anything it is that your daddy wants his sugar baby needs to try and accommodate. This really only goes as far as you’re comfortable though, it’s not just whatever he says goes. But accommodate wherever you can. Listen up to what he’s hinting at and take note so that you know you’re keeping your sugar daddy interested!

Sugar Baby Tip #5: Look Sexy At All Times

Sugar Baby Tip #5: Look Sexy At All Times One of the most essential sugar baby tips is that you need to look good. Look sexy and hot whenever you see your sugar daddy. This is one of the draws for a sugar daddy to have a sugar baby, or to choose a particular one over another. The better you look, the better your odds of getting and keeping a sugar daddy in your life. Make sure that your hair is styled and looks good; do your makeup before you see him. Your attire is a direct reflection of you as a sugar baby as well, so part of these sugar baby tips is not to look too slutty. There’s a fine line between sexy and skanky sometimes, but you should try to straddle the line toward sexy as much as possible. Send out the message that you’re a class act sugar baby by wearing flattering and tailored outfits, as opposed to overly revealing ones.

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